wifite r.68 - WEP/WPA Password Cracker for BT4

* this project is available in French: all thanks goto Matt² for his excellent translation!
* sorts targets by power (in dB); cracks closest access points first
* automatically deauths clients of hidden networks to decloak SSIDs
* numerous filters to specify exactly what to attack (wep/wpa/both, above certain signal strengths, channels, etc)
* customizable settings (timeouts, packets/sec, channel, change mac address, ignore fake-auth, etc)
* "anonymous" feature; changes MAC to a random address before attacking, then changes back when attacks are complete
* all WPA handshakes are backed up to wifite.py's current directory
* smart WPA deauthentication -- cycles between all clients and broadcast deauths
* stop any attack with Ctrl+C -- options: continue, move onto next target, skip to cracking, or exit
* switching WEP attack methods does not reset IVs
* intel 4965 chipset fake-authentication support; uses wpa_supplicant workaround
* SKA support (untested)
* displays session summary at exit; shows any cracked keys
* all passwords saved to log.txt
* built-in updater: ./wifite.py -upgrade

Download: wifite download

Source: http://code.google.com/p/wifite/

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