oclHashcat-lite Leak

It appears that the beta application the oclHashcat creator was working on was leaked by one of the beta testers. He is attempting to sell the unstable product in hopes of making a quick buck at any customers misfortune. Surely without any money-back guarantees, you not only get the oclhashcat-lite program (used as a SL3 unlocker) but also "sporadic" hash findings - chance of 50% success rate (where there should be 100%), No restore, so if you need to pause your session for a quick restart you will have to restart the entire process over again - a several day long process, and no support for the HD5970, since opencl on this card does not work yet under windows.
The creator, Atom, plans to release this tool when its fully stable for no charge whatsoever. (Which should be soon!)

Source: http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-345.html

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