oclHashCat v.0.24 - Multi Hash GPU Password Cracker

* Free
* Multi-GPU (up to 16 gpus)
* Multi-Hash (up to 24 million hashes)
* Multi-OS (Linux & Windows native binaries)
* Multi-Platform (OpenCL & CUDA support)
* Multi-Algo (MD4, MD5, SHA1, DCC, NTLM, MySQL, ...)
* Fastest multihash MD5 cracker on NVidia cards
* Fastest multihash MD5 cracker on ATI 5xxx cards
* Supports wordlists (not limited to Brute-Force / Mask-Attack)
* Combines Dictionary-Attack with Mask-Attack to launch a Hybrid-Attack
* Runs very cautious, you can still watch movies or play games while cracking passwords
* Supports pause / resume
* The first and only GPU-based Fingerprint-Attack engine
* Includes hashcats entire rule engine to modify wordlists on start
* ... and much more

* MD5
* md5($pass.$salt)
* md5($salt.$pass)
* md5(md5($pass))
* md5(md5($pass).$salt)
* SHA1
* sha1($pass.$salt)
* sha1($salt.$pass)
* MySQL4.1/MySQL5
* MD4
* Domain Cached Credentials

Huge improvement on multi-hash cracking - see the details here: http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-249.html

Download: oclHashCat v.0.24 - Multi Hash GPU Cracker

Source: http://hashcat.net/oclhashcat/

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