ULM - Unified List Manager v.0.71

As the name suggests "Unified List Manager" attempts to incorporate mini tools in a single user friendly interface to help you manage lists, not only are tools provided to sort lists but included are analysis functions to give you detailed information about the contents of your lists. Other functions include hashing of lists, down/up sizing and trimming of lists and yes it's free.

List Merger (Vertical):
Can merge multiple lists into a single file
List Merger (Horizontal):
Can combined two lists itemwise
List Splitter:
Can split large lists into smaller lists by user defined items per list
Delimeter Conversion:
Converts between LF/CrLF/User Defined delimeter

Analysis Tools:
Analyses the charsets of the list (Numbers, Symbols, Upper, Lower, Special, etc)
Char Per position analysis (The occurance of a character in particular position)
Pattern Analysis (Items starting/ending in numbers, number of consecutive numbers/symbols/toggles)
Chaining Analysis (The occurance of two letters in an item, eg: AB, AP, bM, Oo, 9n, p0, etc)
Frequency Analysis (The frequence of each item in a list)
English (nouns, adjectives, verbs, isoforms, palindromes in a list)

Case Tools:
Converts a list to upper/lower
Converts first char to upper
Converts first char to upper rest to lower
Case toggling
All possible case mutations

Charset Tools:
Contains functions to parse out elements which don't fit a requirement such as:
Removing/keeping items with symbols, numbers, special
User defined charset

Hashing of lists to:
MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2 (256), RIPEMD-160, RIPEMD-320, NT

Line Tools:
Removal/Retain items which contain "user defined string"
Prepend to each item
Append to each item

Misc Tools:
Saves items in a list if meets length requirement
Reverse items in a list
Generate all character mutations, e.g: ABCD -> ACBD, DBCA, BCAD, etc
Replace multiple chars per item
Find and replace

Slice Tools (Trims items in a list)
Trims items starting/ending with numbers/symbols
Trims items not ending with alpha
Trim before/after position
Trim before/after "user defined string"

Sort tools:
Sorts items into 128 lists by length
Sorts alphabetically (large/small list support)
Sorts items by length

Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/74408134/e8621cd/ULM71B.rar.html

Source: http://hashkiller.com/index.php?topic=2562.0

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