GRIM WEPA - WEP/WPA Password Cracker

GRIM WEPA is a password cracker for both WEP and WPA-encrypted access points (routers). This program uses the following applications and suites:

* aircrack-ng suite:
o aircrack-ng, to crack WPA and WEP;
o airodump-ng, to capture packets and find access points;
o airmon-ng, to enumerate devices in monitor mode;
o aireplay-ng, to forge and replay packets;
o and packetforge-ng, to create replay packets.
* iwconfig, to see if devices are in monitor mode;
* xterm, to show output to user;
* ifconfig, to get the MAC address of devices;
* macchanger, to change MAC address of wifi cards.

These applications are required for GRIM WEPA to run properly. All of these applications come standard with Backtrack4.




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