cRARk - RAR Password Recovery

RAR/WinRAR archiver version 2.x used its proprietary, but rather strong encryption algorithm. At least no RAR 2.0 attacks were known except brute force for password recovery.
Starting from version 3.0, RAR has been using a strong AES algorithm, which also doesn't allow any attacks more effective than the brute force. Besides, the encryption is implemented so that brute force rate on modern computer is very low, only several tens of passwords per second. This carries inference that RAR 3.x password encryption is the strongest between popular encryption systems in the context of brute force rate.
* Absolutely free
* One of the fastest RAR password recovery software, uses extremely optimized MMX & SSE code
* Support of RAR password recovery on NVIDIA GPU using CUDA technology, now including NEWFermi GPUs
* Multi-volume, self-extracting, encrypted header archives support
* Unique PCL language which is extremely efficient if user remembers any information about a forgotten password (this language has licensed to use in Parallel Password Recovery products).
* Portability (DOS, Windows, Linux, Solaris, NEWMac OS versions are available)

Download Win32:

Download Linux Binaries:

Download Mac (Intel):


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