EmDebr v.0.5 - Multi MD5 CPU Cracker

"Here it is! I also added a nice 'smart' charset feature. So you only have to specify a hash or a files with hashes and let it try a logical charset per length. This means that it will use a smaller charset when length increases, default:

* length 1-4: all
* length 5: mixalpha-numeric
* length 6: loweralpha-numeric
* length 7: loweralpha
* length 8-10: numeric

You can use the '-s' option to set the offset for these charsets. Default is 4, set it to 5 to have it run charsets on larger lengths. If you want to run a very quick crackjob on your hashes, set '-s 3'. Estimated running time (2009) for -s:

* 3: seconds - couple of minutes
* 4: minutes - few hours (default)
* 5: half an hour - several hours
* 6: days - weeks

You can also tune the bitmap, setting different sizes. Read my previous posting for details about the bitmaps and the other techniques I used in this version.

I release this version only as source, as a lame attempt to stop script kiddies to use this software for illegal purposes. I expect those that want to use it for educational purposes or for legal penetration testing are able to compile this software themselves."

http://tbhost.eu/tools/EmDebr_0.5_src.zip (Source)

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