Wordlist Menu Tool for BT4 Final

Run the entire otimization script
Sort a wordlist in alphabetical order
Sort a wordlist in reverse alphabetical order
Remove all duplicates form a wordlist
Remove all whitespace from the begining of each line
Remove all non ascii chars from a wordlist
Remove all comments from a wordlist (except first line)
Specify a min and max password length in a wordlist
Manipulate a wordlist with the --rules fuction of john the ripper
L33tify a wordlist
Delete all lines that match a specific pattern from a file
Create a wordlist with crunch
Create a wordlist with wyd.pl
Create a wordlist wordlist with CUPP
Create a wordlist based on phonenumbers
Combine a directory full of files into one big list
Split a large text file into smaller files
Capitalize the first letter of each line in a file


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