NetCrack - A free multi-platform distributed hash cracking application

NetCrack is a cluster software developed to distribute an hashing algorithm's cracking process work using the brute force attack.
NetCrack supports actually only the two most used hashing algorithms: MD5 and SHA-1. There are many supports that you can use such as MySQL, safe mode and others.
NetCrack works like a client/server application, where the server is unique for each cluster network and its job is to distribuites the cracking process work, coordinates the nodes and prevents connections and data integrity errors.
Using a TCP/IP based protocol to estabilish and manage the connection, NetCrack widens its domain to the entire web, avoiding complexity in terms of network implementation and cost, allowing any system to contribuite.
The protocol has been made simple and universal to facilitate future supports and to allow the coding of alternate client software using any programming language.
NetCrack has been tested successfully on 32 bit platforms only, in particular on Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard and GNU/Linux (Slackware and Debian distributions). All Unix-Like systems should be compatible.

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