Giga Wordlist Creator

Merges and automatically optimizes your wordlists for wpa cracking.
To be really efficient, you have to follow the steps in order. Here is a little explanation about how it works and what it makes:
--> 1 Merge all your wordlists files
Just give the script the path to a folder that contains a lot of wordlists files, and it will merge them all into a single big wordlist named Mega-dico.txt. This file will be created in a folder called Giga-wordlist that the script will create on the desktop of your Backtrack 3.
--> 2 Modify the dictionary with John The Ripper
Using JTR, the script will create about 50 differents variants of each password contained in your Mega-dico.txt file that you previously created on the step 1. It will output the result in /root/Desktop/Giga-wordlist/Mega-dico-john.txt, JTR makes variants this way.
--> 3 Optimize the dictionary for WPA cracking
The script will reduce your wordlist, removing passwords shorter than 8 characters and more than 63 characters, which is the min and max size of a WPA passphrase. Output file: /root/Desktop/Giga-wordlist/Mega-dico-wpa.txt
--> 4 Sort and remove duplicates
Finally, the script will remove duplicates, and sort the passwords in alphabetical order which, as i read I don't remember where, can make the crack a little more efficient. Output file: /root/Desktop/Giga-wordlist/Giga-wordlist.txt
You can easily edit the script and modify the paths and file names, if you prefer not to output the files on your desktop. After following the 4 steps, you will get your personnal optimized wordlist for wpa cracking.

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