fgdump - remotely dump windows ntlm hashes and domain cached credentials while avoiding av

fgdump is targetted at the security auditing community, and is designed to be used for good, not evil. :) Note that, in order to effectively use fgdump, you're going to need high-power credentials (Administrator or Domain Administrator, in most cases), thus limiting its usefulness as a hacking tool. However, hopefully some of you other security folks will find this helpful.
In quick summary, the main code execution path of fgdump is as follows:
1. Bind to a remote machine (or a list of machines) using IPC$
2. Stop AV, if it is installed
3. Locate file shares exposed on that machine
4. Find a writable share from the above list, bind it to a local drive
5. Upload fgexec (used for remote command execution), cachedump
6. Run pwdump (with password history dump as well)
7. Run cachedump
8. Run pstgdump
9. Delete uploaded files from the file share
10. Unbind the remote file share
11. Restart AV if it was running
12. Unbind from IPC$

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