Distributed Hash Cracker

A free, open source (BSD licensed) distributed password hash cracker being developed in house. It currently supports MD4, MD5, NTLM, SHA-1, and MD5Crypt (IOS enable secrets and Linux/BSD shadow passwords using $1$ prefix), and can batch multiple hashes together for faster processing.
The cracker currently runs on x86/amd64 Linux, with experimental Win32/Win64 support in progress. It uses a PHP-based web interface rather than a command-line server executable and should scale well to large (>250 node) grids. It runs one work unit per compute device (GPU or CPU core) rather than one work unit per computer, reducing synchronization overhead and permitting mixed CPU-GPU cracking.
Issues have been identified with 185.xx CUDA drivers on 64-bit Linux. If you encounter runtime errors, try updating to 190.xx or later.

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