ULM - Unified List Manager

-Sort Both Large and small lists
-Sort by element length
-Ability to hash lists using NT/MD2/MD4/MD5/SHA-1 (Currently working on optimizing other algos)
-Slice elements inside the lists for example elements ending/starting in numbers could all be sliced therefore test123, test321 would become test (this is useful for downsizing mutated wordlists)
-Remove similar elements linearly (user specifies a threshold of consecutive similar elements to remove)
-Merge small lists into one big one
-Split large lists into smaller ones (user defined lines)
-Ability to generate all combinations using the keyspace defined in an element e.g test --> test, tets, sett etc etc
-Case permutation (Coded will add in next build)
-Can remove elements based on charsets or user defined charsets
-Can prepend and append to elements
-Single Character substitutions user defined (multiple characters at a time)
-Case Conversion, convert all elements to upper/lower/Up First Lower Rest, Case Toggle and Toggle at user defined position
-Revere elements
-Slice elements after a user defined occurrence (string) OR user defined position
-Find string and replace within element
-Can convert between Delimiters e.g CrLf <-> LF <-> whatever

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